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A Lowcountry Thanksgiving Menu

Is this your first Thanksgiving in the Lowcountry? Maybe you can’t be here physically but you’re here in spirit, dreaming of the mild weather and all the southern charm that makes this region so special. Whether you’re here or away, why not infuse your Thanksgiving with a taste of the Lowcountry? We have some menu items to suggest and have gathered up the recipes for you.


Of course, the feast begins with the bird and nothing is more traditional than a roast turkey dressed with cornbread stuffing. This classic southern version of the stuffing is tossed with breakfast sausage and cooked alongside (not inside) your glorious bird. If you’ve never roasted a turkey before, it is really quite easy. There are as many recipes as there are cooks but we found a simple five ingredient southern version for you, just click here: turkey recipe.


But what about the sides? In addition to your grandmother’s mashed potatoes and biscuits, consider serving spicy collards, and sweet potato casserole with pecan crumbles. Build on your southern menu by adding southern style deviled eggs, spicy okra pickles and pickled shrimp. Have you ever made whole cranberry sauce? There’s nothing quite like it. Serve it chilled or warm (it’s best warm) this warm apricot-cranberry version is sure to be a hit with your family and friends.


>Not to be left out is the classic desert: pecan pie. You simple cannot have a southern Thanksgiving dinner without pecan pie. Did you know? The pecan pie -- also known as Karo pie -- was originally introduced in 1902 by the company that makes Karo corn syrup. It has become a much-loved pie, always a favorite on the holiday dessert table. Today there are lots of versions. Ones with maple syrup and brown sugar, with chocolate and bourbon, with buttermilk and even those that are more cake than pie.


Whatever wonders you place on your table, the best part of Thanksgiving is the warmth of the family and friends that gather around. We wish you a Thanksgiving blessed with good company, good food and grateful hearts.


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