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Adjusting to senior golf game

The Lowcountry region is the place to live if your dream is spending the day on the golf course. In addition to the Tommy Fazio course on Hilton Head Lakes, there are dozens of championship golf courses in the Hilton Head region.

The game of golf is challenging for players of every age. Adjustments are needed throughout most rounds, it seems. Stance, grip, equipment, weather – it all makes a difference and the ever-changing challenges are what make the sound of that ball falling into the cup so satisfying.

Perhaps the most influential factor in your golf game is you. Your flexibility, strength, and endurance all affect your distance, consistency and ultimately your score. You can’t turn back time, but you can make some adjustments that can help you to continue to shoot your best.


Stiffness is common for aging golfers. If your hips are less flexible, compensate by turning out your back foot.  Making the slight adjustment allows your hip to stay in a neutral position as your weight shifts throughout your swing. If you are too stiff, your body will sway backward and the extra movement will take away from your ball’s accuracy and distance.

Take a practice swing and stop at the top. Is your weight on the inside or outside of your back foot? If it is on the outside, you are swaying. Try turning out that back foot to allow your upper body to rotate and generate power without the lateral movement.

Another tip to try to gain some distance is to move your ball back in your stance. The change will give the ball a lower trajectory and may result in longer ball roll, especially if you are playing in dry conditions with hard ground. It’s an idea that doesn’t work in every circumstance but adapting to playing conditions can shave a stroke or two off your score.  


Strengthening your grip on the club may lead to greater distance through ball flight. By tightening the grip, which can be accomplished by rotating your hands to the right (for right-handers), you will draw the ball a little more and increasing the spin on the ball.

Some more quick tips to help you enjoy your golf game:

  • Switch your focus from 300-yard drives to good second shots. Get comfortable with your fairway woods and hybrids.

  • Flexibility has little impact on your chipping and putting. Stiffness may be robbing you off the tee but improving your short game can have an even bigger impact on your score.

  • Exercise when you are off the course. Participating in low-impact activities will help your strength and stamina and improve your golf game.

  • Adapt your equipment to match your current functionality. As your clubhead speed slows changes are needed to the shaft and weight of your clubs.

  • Focus on tweaking your swing, not reinventing it. Trying to completely revamp your swing will likely not produce the results you are seeking. Making small changes in your stance and grip will better help you get back some of your distance.

  • Don’t be too proud. Seniors are eligible to play from the forward tees and that’s okay. Think of it as a privilege you have gained, not giving in.

Finally, remember that your game will likely never be where it was 25 years ago. Everything changes, including your scorecard. Enjoy the stroll to the green.

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