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Ah! Spring!

At last, the official first day of Spring is almost here. In the Lowcountry, the evenings can still be quite chilly but the days are lovely and warm on a more consistent basis. You’re able to be outside for longer periods of time and before you know it the azaleas will be in all their magnificent glory.


But what about your garden? As you watch the grass get greener and trees leaf out, do you long for splashes of color around your home? No matter where you live native plants are a wise choice. They are well suited to the soil and conditions of the area, making most of them fairly low maintenance plus many offer the charm of also being found on those long walks through woods and fields. The South Carolina Native Plant Society is a good resource for learning more about incorporating native plants into your landscape. They also offer advice on what invasive species to avoid.


Maybe you would like to try your hand at planting a cut flower garden. Frequently buying a bouquet for your entryway or table can get pricy. Why not grow your own? It’s not as complicated as you might think. In fact, many of your favorites may be perfect for such an endeavor. Gardener’s Supply Company offers suggestions for 12 Easy-Care Favorites for the Cutting Garden, tips for starting seedlings, planting in raised beds – always a great idea for making life easier and resulting in healthier plants – plus they have all the supplies you need to get started.


First things first however, garden maintenance. You can find a lot of resources online that walk you through what garden tasks to do each month to keep your yard and garden healthy. One source that we like is the South Carolina Garden Guru. Some tips for March include: pruning and feeding roses, pruning shrubs, dividing late spring and summer perennials, and cutting your landscape grasses down to about two to three inches. Looking for some hands-on advice, to be able to talk to a real person? Give the local university extension office a call. Beaufort County’s local office is located at Clemson University.


Don’t let the warmth of Spring and the delights of gardening pass you by this year, get outside and play in the dirt. You’ll be rewarded with beautiful results.



The South Carolina Native Plant Society

The South Carolina Garden Guru

Clemson University Cooperative Extension

Gardeners’ Supply Company



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