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At Hilton Head Lakes We're Preparing Now for Spring Lawn Care

While folks up north are bracing for winter snow, shoveling their walks, and sliding around on ice in coastal South Carolina it’s time to think about spring lawn care. Just one more reason to consider a move to Hilton Head Lakes.


Certainly, even though daytime temperatures hover around 60 degrees and nights flirt with 30 degrees, the grass does go dormant for its winter nap here in the Lowcountry. However not every growing thing takes a few months off. When cool weather weeds poke their bright green smart-alecky heads up amid the sleeping, brown grass it’s time to start thinking lawn care.


Perhaps you missed using pre-emergent weed control from September to December to stop those pesky cool weather weeds before they got started. Be diligent about pulling them up now and then plan on using pre-emergent controls beginning in March to catch their warm weather cousins ones looking to invade your lawn once the temperatures climb. You do not want to go with a weed and feed product until after the lawn’s turf grass has fully greened up again in late April/early May. Stick with pre-emergent products until your lawn has fully awakened from its winter nap.


While your lawn is napping, now is a good time to research which fertilizer will work best for your type of grass. For example, in coastal Carolina much of the grass tends to be centipede grass, it’s full green color isn’t the deep dark green of other grasses but more of a Granny Smith apple shade. Centipede grass is heat-tolerant, low maintenance, doesn’t need much in the way of nutrients, and can handle the sandy soil of the Carolina coastal region.  In fact, it can be sensitive to some weed and feed products so look for products that state they are formulated for Southern lawns and grasses. Not sure what you have? Take some to the local garden center or extension office once it starts to green up for identification and advice.


Life in the Lowcountry is low maintenance, even our grasses don’t require much fuss. Come see for yourself, schedule a Discovery Visit today.


Hilton Head Lakes is a debt free community in South Carolina, and one of the best places to retire. It’s the perfect balance between gated community and world-class resort. With the addition of Realstar Builders, we’re creating homes that are built to last. Schedule a Discovery Visit today and experience Hilton Head Lakes for yourself.




North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook




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