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Hardeeville is hot market

Extreme weather is impacting most of the United States and Lowcountry isn’t immune. Much of the area saw triple-digit temperatures for three consecutive days in May – something that hasn’t happened since 2011 – and the humidity index is as high as a par round at our Tommy Fazio championship golf course at Hilton Head Lakes.

It is hot. It is sticky.

And according to recent results from the U.S. Census Bureau, many of you living in the Hardeeville area may not be accustomed to our southern heat.

Development at Hilton Head Lakes and other housing areas have led Hardeeville to be the fastest-growing city in the Lowcountry since the 2010 census was taken, according to data. An additional 3,460 people live in the city compared to 3,055 residents in 2010. The total population estimate of 6,515 people as of July 1, 2018, is a 113.3 percent increase.

The rest of Beaufort County also has additional people. Population estimates show an increase of 16.3 percent increase – 162,231 to 188,715. All of South Carolina saw a 9.9 percent jump.

Those who have lived in the South their entire lives inherently know how to handle the summer heat. However, those who have spent most of their lives raking leaves and shoveling snow may be having a more difficult time adjusting to the hazy conditions. If taking a dip in the pool at the residents’ Amenities Center at Hilton Head Lakes is not an option for you, here are some simple tips for staying cool in Lowcountry:

Wear Loose Clothing
Loose clothing allows air to contact your skin, which aids evaporation and helps you feel cooler. Try to wear light-colored clothing made of cotton or linen.

Plant a Tree
It’s not an immediate fix, but strategically placing trees around the exterior of your home will help block the hot rays from the mid- to late-day sun. 

Stay hydrated
Heat can cause dehydration. Drink twice as much fluid such as cold water or pure fruit juices if you are working outside. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can also cause dehydration.

Look for shade
Whether you are finding a seat outside or a place to park your car while you run into the grocery store, look for the shade. Taking cover in the shade of a tree or building can greatly reduce the temperature inside your vehicle even during short errands.

Avoid using appliances and electronics
Keeping the oven off is obviously a good idea when you are trying to keep your home cool, but other appliances such as televisions, gaming systems and your clothes dryer also emit a fair amount of heat. Turn them off during the prime heat of the day.

Shut the curtains, close the blinds
Keeping the curtains drawn and the blinds closed will help keep your home cooler by blocking out direct sunlight. Curtains with a light background or reflective panel may be the most efficient.

Turn off the lights
Compact fluorescent light bulbs produce 75% less heat than incandescent. If you are unable to make the change, at least try to minimize their use.

Don’t forget the Fan
Don’t put away the fans. Even if you are using air-conditioning, the air movement generated by a fan can help you evaporate sweat faster. Switching ceiling fans to spin counterclockwise can draw cooler air upward.

Summer in Lowcountry has much to offer residents and visitors. Get the most out of the outdoors by planning activities in the early morning or evening and practicing some of the above habits to stay comfortable while enjoying what the area has to offer. If you are thinking about making Lowcountry your permanent residence, contact us today to learn more about our Discovery Package.


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