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Improve Your Golf Game in 2018 – Some Tips

So, it’s nearly Spring and you want to improve your golf game this year. We’ve pulled together some tips and insights for you that just might help you take your game to the next level. Before you head out to play a few practice rounds, consider the following…


The PGA has five tips to help you keep those golf resolutions: First, exercise – you do not want to be stiff and tight when you take those first few swings. Why risk injury before you even get started? Stretching is key. Second, take 100 swings a day without a golf ball. They aren’t kidding. It will force you to visualize and pay attention to every aspect of your swing. Third, work on chipping. Fourth, practice putting. All you need is a putter, a ball and something to putt into. Finally, make a weekly appointment with a pro to help you work on your swing and any other issues you might be having. Are you a Lowcountry resident? Book some instruction time with our PGA professionals at The Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes.


Looking for ways to play more golf this year? Golf Monthly has some advice. First and foremost, take every opportunity to get out there. If you’re a resident of Hilton Head Lakes are you taking full advantage of our residents’ social golf outings? Resident Golf starts up again in March! Are you part of the Ladies Golf group? If you aren’t a resident of Hilton Head Lakes – and really, you should be since there’s no better place in the Lowcountry to live – are you taking full advantage of your local golf club’s offerings? To work golf into your hectic schedule, plan. Put it on your calendar and stick to it. Instead of telling yourself you’ll get out there on the weekend, or after work some night you’ll hit a few, put golf on your schedule and stick to it. You’ll spend more time on the course and your game will improve. Make golf a family affair. Does your local golf club offer family activities? Many do and they aren’t all dinner jackets only events. The more time you can spend at the club, the more you’ll get out of it and the more opportunities to play you’ll find.


The weather still nasty where you are? Don’t have room in the garage to set up a practice putting or chipping space? Have you ever spent any time on YouTube looking up a DIY project or searching for information on the next great grill you have your eye on? There’s more to YouTube than products and projects. There is a LOT of great golf advice from pros, publications and general golf enthusiasts. One pro channel produced by Andy Proudman and Piers Ward is called Meandmygolf. From beginner basics and improving your swing to “Top 5 Golf Practice Tips for 2018” these gentlemen cover just about everything. The Sand Trap lists them in their Top 100 Most Popular Golf Instructors ranking and they have pretty much taken the digital golf landscape by storm (according to US Golf TV). Speaking of TV, there’s always the Golf Channel’s online resources.


Yes, Spring and golf are just around the corner. Make 2018 the year of your best golf game. Take advantage of all the opportunities your local golf club or public course offers. And if you’re looking for new opportunities, come visit the Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes. Discovery packages start at only $179 and include accommodations and of course, golf. Give us a call at 866-396-3230 or schedule online today.


Hilton Head Lakes is a debt free community in South Carolina, and one of the best places to retire. It’s the perfect balance between gated community and world class resort. With the addition of Realstar Builders, we’re creating homes that are built to last. Schedule a Discovery Visit today and experience Hilton Head Lakes for yourself.



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