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Life at Hilton Head Lakes - Sunshine, Water, Golf and Yoga

Ah… golden sunshine, sandy beaches kissed by ocean breezes, lush greens on the golf course glistening with morning dew and the relaxation of another beautiful day at Hilton Head Lakes. But in case all that isn’t enough, and you are just a wee bit tense or in need of a good stretch, there’s yoga.


Residents of Hilton Head Lakes enjoy the good life. Golf community living, local amenities, the beauty of nature and a moderate climate. Life in the Lowcountry – whether for vacationing or retirement – is very appealing. And no wonder! There are so many ways to kick back, destress, and forget the hustle and bustle.


One excellent way is through the practice of yoga. According to the Mayo Clinic, the potential health benefits include stress reduction, improved fitness and the management of some chronic conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure. At Hilton Head Lakes you can enjoy yoga by the pool or venture onto the beach with a community class. Yoga classes are offered throughout the area to melt away your cares, and help you start your day off right. Why not grab your yoga mat and join us?


Yoga not your thing? How about golf? Our 18-hole championship course, designed by Tommy Fazio, takes full advantage of the natural beauty of Hilton Head Lakes. The course offers five sets of tees so no matter what your skill level, you’ll find the course to be enjoyable and challenging. The health benefits of golf are many, here are a few: exposure to the outdoors, burns calories and keeps your heart rate up, it’s good for your brain thanks to that increased blood flow from your heart rate, and it’s a low-risk injury sport. Plus you just might sleep better at night.


But what if you just want to sit by the water? Hilton Head Lakes has you covered there too. You’re never far from the water here. Whether you prefer the beach, enjoy a stroll along the wetland nature trails, enjoying the river or streams, the healing and transformational properties of water will reach out to soothe you. There’s just something about water that is both relaxing and stimulating at the same time. The benefits of being near the water include: giving your brain a rest from the constant battering of sensory stimuli (think cell phones, traffic, etc.), stress reduction, stimulating creativity, and more.


When you add it all up, life at Hilton Head Lakes has a lot to offer. Schedule a Discovery Visit today and come see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.


Hilton Head Lakes is a debt free community in South Carolina, and one of the best places to retire. It’s the perfect balance between gated community and world-class resort. With the addition of Realstar Builders, we’re creating homes that are built to last. Schedule a Discovery Visit today and experience Hilton Head Lakes for yourself.



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