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Lowcountry Real Estate

Lowcountry real estate is in demand. What was once the best kept secret of the south is now a sought out location. So what is the lowcountry and what makes it great? Let us tell you …

Lowcountry Real Estate at Hilton Head Lakes
First of all, if you’re not already familiar with the term lowcountry, you’re probably wondering what the heck it is. It’s the region along South Carolina's coast, originally known for its slave based agricultural wealth and subtropical climate. Today the Lowcountry is known for its historic cities, rich heritage and natural beauty.

The term lowcountry was coined as a way to differentiate the portion of the state below the fall line (Sandhills). The area above was names the Up Country. Each area is home to distinct cultural differences.

The popularity of Lowcountry real estate has steadily grown over the years. People from all over the country have gravitated toward the lowcountry, making it one of the most attractive real estate markets in America. In the last few years, Coastal South Carolina saw some of the fastest population growth in the nation.

So what’s makes this place so great?

Tall oak trees towering above your southern-style home and salt marsh creeks flowing along the edge of your property – what’s not to love about that?Lowcountry Real Estate

Every lowcountry neighborhood with its own unique culture and charm enjoys a warm climate and Southern lifestyle that is appealing to all age groups. Make lowcountry real estate a hot commodity.

Surrounded by popular attractions like seaside resorts, historic and cultural sites, and natural features, including local, state, and many federally protected or preserved lands and wetlands. Unlimited outside recreation options such as golf, tennis, and beaches. 

Breathtaking lowcountry architecture can’t be beat. Many of the homes are designed with the same architecture developed in the late 1700's to combat the effects of the subtropical climate. Elevated floors due to high tide levels and hurricane flooding, huge front porches accented by columns or pillars and large open breezeways. 

Hilton Head Lakes is a gated community nestled right in the heart of the South Carolina lowcountry, and our homes are surrounded by the many characteristics that make lowcountry real estate so popular. Outdoor activities, large lake and nature preserves are just a few of the features offered at Hilton Head Lakes. Come take a look for yourself, you might just find a piece of lowcountry real estate you can’t live without.

Hilton Head Lakes is a debt free community in South Carolina, and one of the best places to retire. It’s the perfect balance between gated community and world class resort. With the addition of Realstar Builders, we’re creating homes that are built to last. Give us a call at 866-396-3230, drop us a line or just come visit us! Visit our website for more information.


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