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Plan Now for Fall Garden Clean Up & Spring Blooms

As summer fades away and the days become cooler it’s time to think about readying your garden for its end of season nap. Did you know? September and October are the best time to get your garden ready for next year’s growing season.

Early autumn is perfect for dividing your spring and summer blooming perennials. There’s still enough warmth left for the plantings to establish a solid start before their winter nap and dividing the plants stimulates new growth and better blooms for next year. Since they are no longer blooming this season, they can turn all their energy to setting healthy roots and leaves. This method is also a great way to keep those vigorous spreading perennials under control. You may even have enough plants after the process to give as gifts to your gardening friends. To learn more about dividing perennials, click here for some great tips from Clemson University. 

When you looked out over your garden this spring did you long for more? More spring blooming bulbs – tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc.? Keep in mind that you can dig up and divide these too as they will multiply over the years. Daffodils in particular are quite prolific. If you are ready to buy more bulbs or just getting started September is a great time to purchase these while the selection is best at the garden centers. But don’t plant them just yet, it isn’t quite cool enough. As you wait for the air temperature to cool and the soil temperature at planting depth to stay at 60 degrees F, you should store the bulbs in a cool location - in fact some bulbs may not mind being kept in the refrigerator in a vented bag for a little while before planting. For more tips on storing, planting and feeding spring bulbs, click here

Did you have a vegetable garden this year? Now’s the time to clean out that bed – remove the old leaves and stems which is especially important if you’ve had any disease, mold, powdery mildew, or fungus issues. Microbes can live over winter in the old plant material and then spread to next year’s crop. Happy with your plantings this year? Sketch or photograph your vegetable bed so that next year you will have a plan to refer to when setting out your plants. 

Are you familiar with cool weather crops? Did you know you can plant spinach and many varieties of lettuce in the fall and enjoy them well after the growing season has ended for other vegetables. For planting charts and more tips on planning and maintaining your vegetable garden, click here

An extended gardening season is just one more reason to fall in love with Lowcountry living, come visit and see for yourself why Hilton Head Lakes should be your next home.  

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