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Things to Consider When Choosing a Floor Plan

You’ve decided to build your dream home. Congratulations! Whether you’re planning a second home for vacations and getaways or your perfect retirement home you might be wondering how to decide on a floor plan. There are so many options! We’ve pulled together some suggestions to consider when choosing the floor plan for your dream home.


First, decide what size home will best suit your needs. Is this to be a family vacation home? Will you be welcoming overnight out of town guests? Will you be entertaining frequently? Or are you planning a cozy place for two? These types of considerations can have a significant impact on the number of bedrooms, the size and amenities of the kitchen and dining spaces and so forth. Be honest with yourself – what size home best fits your lifestyle?


Next, what is your design style? You have your own personal style and it is reflected in your home. Perhaps you have a modern flair and vast, open floor plans express your energy best. Maybe you’re more traditional and prefer cozy rooms that aren’t too open but not too snug either. What about windows? Do you need lots of natural light to thrive? Or does a lot of glass make you feel cold and exposed? And what about the energy costs of all those windows? Are you someone who considers feng shui when envisioning a new space? Is the entryway welcoming with ample room to sit, leave belongings and catch your breath before fully entering the home? How do the rooms of the plan flow? Can you picture yourself there?


Ask yourself: How much yard do you need to feel at home? While this might seem like a lot size issue, it is also something to consider regarding patios, walkways and the like. Is there enough room to garden? Or for children to play? Will your pets have enough room for their exercise? Does the master bedroom open onto a balcony, patio or deck? Is there a porch perfect for sitting and enjoying the day?


Consider as you look over the floor plan: Are the sizes of the rooms going to work with your furniture? Sometimes what sounds big enough on paper may not be once you have everything in place, there may not be as much room to walk around that sofa as you thought. Measure your current furniture and include the walking space around it. That way you will know how much room you need. Thinking of buying all new furnishings? Go to the showroom and measure the pieces there. You want to be sure that beautiful bedroom set actually fits.


Don’t be shy: Ask questions. Lots and lots of questions. The average person doesn’t read floor plans every day. Most of us aren’t really sure what we’re looking at when we see all those little marks and abbreviations. Ask about energy efficiency from the roofing materials to the window glass to the type of insulation in the walls. Ask about the options. How can you customize your new home? Typically, each plan comes with various options, such as: bonus rooms, space above garages, extra bedrooms, a breakfast nook with bay windows, all great ways to make the space your own and not a carbon copy of the model home.


Finally, know your budgetary limitations. We tend to dream big but maybe bigger isn’t what will be better for you, or your budget. Make sure you know the costs associated with the floor plan you are considering, the additional costs of any options or additional architectural features.


As you consider building your dream home, consider Hilton Head Lakes. We have a variety of lots and floor plans to choose from, plus there’s simply no better place to live than the South Carolina Lowcountry. Our partnership with the professionals at Realstar Builders lets you rest assured that you’ll have an affordable, quality-built home in a community that provides a sense of neighborhood with many first-class amenities and natural surroundings. You’ll find floorplans and virtual tours online of our wonderful homes.


Come see for yourself, schedule a Discovery Visit today and get to know the community at Hilton Head Lakes. Give us call toll free: 866-396-3230 or schedule your visit online all visit packages include accommodations and local area attractions.



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Hilton Head Lakes is a debt free community in South Carolina, and one of the best places to retire. It’s the perfect balance between gated community and world class resort. With the addition of Realstar Builders, we’re creating homes that are built to last. Schedule a Discovery Visit today and experience Hilton Head Lakes for yourself.



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