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Valentine Traditions - Try Something a Little Different

Ah, Valentine’s Day! Grab a dozen red roses, pick up some luscious chocolates and maybe something that sparkles for her to wear and you’re all set, right? Why not set yourself apart from the crowd and try something a little different? If you’re interested in creating your own traditions, we have a few suggestions for you some even have a Southern flair. 


Let’s start with the flowers… Did you know that in ancient times Valentine’s Day also coincided with celebrations heralding the start of Spring? Why not put the roses aside and think Spring flowers instead? Bunches of tulips, hyacinth, paperwhites or yellow daffodils all of which welcome Spring. Maybe go for an even older tradition which legend has it dates back to St. Valentine himself: violets. These, not red roses, were the first flowers given on Valentine’s Day. Why? It’s believed that violets grew outside St. Valentine’s Roman jail cell. He would crush violet blossoms to make ink, which would be used to covertly write letters said to have been delivered by doves. And besides, violets (in the language of flowers) are symbols of faithfulness and requited love..


Speaking of letters, texts and emojis may be all well and good for everyday communication with your sweetheart but nothing compares to a hand written, good old-fashioned love letter. St. Valentine has a part to play in this tradition as well. Roman gentlemen, so we’re told, would write letters mentioning St Valentine to their ladies as proof of how smitten they were. Put yourself in a Lowcountry frame of mind and let your inspiration flow from a place that knows how to keep things steamy.


Convinced that the way to your loved one’s heart is through the stomach? Consider baking up some cinnamon love knots, crafting your honey’s favorite meatloaf recipe into individual serving-sized heart shapes, or making a decadent chocolate cobbler. Wait, you don’t have a great meatloaf recipe? Click here for a crowd pleaser from Southern Plate.


Looking for inspiration from around the world? Traditions abound but there are a few that are well, just plain different. Who knows? Maybe one will strike your fancy. Intrepid Travel has collected 11 unusual traditions, here are a few:


In Finland and Estonia February 14th is more of a Friend’s Day as people celebrate friendship with cards and gifts rather than the passionate romance we tend to aspire to here in the U.S. This might not set hearts aflutter but it is sure to make your friends smile.


In Japan, it is the ladies who spoil the gentlemen with chocolates on February 14th. And there are categories depending upon the relationship. For husbands and boyfriends high-quality “honmei-choco” (true feeling) chocolates are hand-delivered. Colleagues or acquaintances receive the more ordinary “giri-choco” (obligation) chocolate. If you are very unlucky or unpopular you might receive the lowest quality ultra-obligation chocolate called “cho-giri choco”. Ah, but the gentlemen are not off the hook here. On March 14th they are expected to return the favor and give their loved ones presents (typically jewelry or lingerie) worth two or three times the value of the chocolates they received.


How would you like a wooden spoon as a token of affection for Valentine’s Day? Not so much? Well in Wales, this tradition dates back to the 16th century when sailors presented their loved ones with hand-carved presents they had made during their time at sea. These are no ordinary spoons! Rather they are intricately carved wooden ‘love spoons’. Instead of on February 14th they are presented on January 25th – St. Dwynwen’s Day (the Welsh patron saint of lovers).


None of the above sparking any romance? Consider a trip to a place rich in Southern charm and beauty! Whisk your loved one away to the Lowcountry and get to know Hilton Head Lakes. Our discovery packages start at $179 and include your accommodations. Give us a call today or schedule your visit online. We’re confident that you will fall in love with the Lowcountry.



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