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When It’s Hot Outside – Enjoy Blooming Plants Inside

Mid to late summer can simply be too hot for outdoor gardening, yet you still long to enjoy the lovely blooms that summer days bring. 

Contrary to what you might think, blooming indoor plants are not at all difficult to care for and yes, that include orchids.

Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living both agree that Moth Orchids are among the easiest houseplants to grow. They have long-lasting blooms, are inexpensive, come in a variety of colors and require very little fuss. Give them filtered bright light – they will burn in direct sun so a southern window will be too much for them – and temperatures of 50 to 75 degrees, perfect for indoors.

Orchids not appealing? Try anthurium, with long-lasting vibrant blooms, glossy leaves and similar light requirements as the orchids these easy to grow tropical plants are perfect on tables, countertops and windowsills. Looking for something larger? The popular peace lily’s bloom is similar to the anthurium’s but these plants can grow up to five feet high making them a stately addition to the entryway.

If you’re looking for a little more of a challenge and a blast of fragrance, consider the gardenia. This southern belle prefers a humid environment and very bright light which makes it perfect for a bright bathroom. Don’t have a bright bathroom window? With regular misting to keep up the humidity a bright sunny window anywhere in the home will reward you with amazing fragrance.

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